Monday, 7 May 2012

Migraine Toolkit Part 3: Preventing's not easy!

Migraine Mum is yawning her way into the virtual world of Blogdom. In fact, I'm not sure I can be blogged to blog.

Knowing that sitting at the computer is one of my triggers for migraine is frankly very inconvenient when I am trying to blog about having migraines! (NEE-NAR NEE-NAR. The migraine police has just entered the room and correctly told Migraine mum to sit at the table with the laptop (not the settee!) and put the light on so Migraine mum can actually see the keyboard!!)

There, that's better, I've even got a cushion behind me to support my back.
Right, I am going to keep this short.

I have been in a migrainous state for 2 days....this means that I feel as though one is coming but luckily, something is keeping it at bay. I feel tired, sore in the head, neck and shoulders, irritable, light sensitive and slightly anxious (I have to be on form for tomorrow as we are back to normal routines with me parenting on my own for chunks of the day. I can't be ill!)

This migrainous state is utterly explainable when you look at the pace of family life. We have had an amazingly social and lovely weekend. A family farewell, a late night in the pub, a duck race (plastic ones!), a walk with friends, church, socialising with family, 2 children's parties....not to mention the gigantic loads of washing, shopping and tidying up that has to go on inbetween all these exciting events!

When I see that list, I think, no wonder I'm not feeling right. However, instead of just feeling tired, my body decides it is going to kindly remind me I've overdone it by provoking symptoms of migraine. It is, I believe, a warning sign and is raising the alarm, reminding me to pace myself........

But despite this migrainous state I haven't had to take a tablet. Something is preventing me from having one. I'm really pleased with this!

I am looking after myself during and either side of this busyness......
  • drinking water,
  • trying to eat little and often,
  • breathing (I'm not joking.....I've been catching myself holding my breath!!),
  • stretching (I do pilates...more on this another time!),
  • going to bed and getting up roughly the same times each day (apparently lying in can give you a migraine.....oh, and so can having late nights too)......

All in all, living with migraine can turn you into a control freak who can't be wild, spontaneous or lazy!! You have to be prepared and organized for everything!! Oh and stay relaxed!

Anyway, last week, I decided to do an experiment and give up Gluten.......the jury is out on this, but I have noticed that I feel a spark in me....a spark of energy, lightness, clearheadedness. It is early days but I am keen to continue with this experiment as it may be helping me to raise my threshold for migraine. There is a strong chance it is a placebo but time will tell. I'm not expecting this to be a miracle and cure me.....I know there are many reasons why I get migraine but I just want to try to tackle the number of migraines I get, and subsequently the number of drugs I take..

So, with this in mind, I'm off to breathe, stretch, drink, eat (gluten free) and sleep. Night Night, don't let the migraine bite! x

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