Saturday, 7 April 2012

Dilemma: chocolate, friend or foe?

Specialist migraine detective reporting back to HQ........

It's nearly Easter and I'm looking forward to seeing if the Easter bunny brings me any chocolate! (milk chocolate please, if you are reading this Easter Bunny)

Officially, I can absolutely, completely stuff myself with Easter chocolate from midnight tonight.......I gave up chocolate for Lent, with slight ulterior motives I have to confess, as I wanted to see if it may be a trigger for some of the migraines I get......

Medically, the jury is still chocolate this last 6 weeks yet I have had 25 days with headache and migraine.......

I know my sister is affected by caffeine, a friend of mine is convinced his migraines got better when he cut out tomatoes, and I'm wondering if I'm just plain thick!! Why can't I find a trigger that I can say, "if I just cut that out then I can reduce the mumber of migraines I get"?!

What I do know is I often crave sweet things just before my migraine comes. Research backs this up (at least I can have that certainty!) and adds that once you start to crave sweet things, your migraine is most likely on its ways already. As chocolate is the last thing you may eat before the pain of the migraine starts, you associate migraine with the chocolate.

Dilemma: What do I do tomorrow when my house will be full of Easter eggs. (No one will buy me any as I've stupidly told them it may be one of my migraine triggers) Will I sneakily eat some of my children's Easter Chocolate? 3 children = tons of Easter eggs..........they won't notice) (I hope) What if I get a migraine....won't I always be wondering that may be I caused that one myself?!

 So, to eat or not to eat that is the question. Well, may be....yes.....possibly....don't be silly I might get a migraine.......I probably will anyway....I might as well that's just being wreckless...................ok, yes I will eat some chocolate, but with tons of guilt! Sorry children for nicking your chocolate and sorry brain for may be, just possibly but probably not causing a migraine!

Happy Migraine Free Easter to you all. x

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