Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Migraines, Stress and tiredness

Stress and tiredness are known triggers for migraine for many of us. Tiredness makes stress much harder to handle. Migraines make tiredness and stress much harder to handle too. Stress can come in all sorts of forms.....I have 3 forms......they are 9, 6 and 3 years old.
2.12am: I'm asleep, lovely dream
2.13am: I find myself standing up in Child no 3's bedroom, telling her in slurred speech, not to worry about monsters!
3.10am: child no 3 kicks me out of her bed! Literally! I must've fallen asleep!
3:15am: I drift back to sleep in my own bed...bliss.
7.08am: I'm asleep, More bliss.
7.09am: I find myself kneeling on the floor, trying to find the cut that child no 2 has found and is deeply upset about. I'm feeling around her leg, my eyes are still shut.
7.10am: discusssion with child no 3 about where our poo goes.......
7.11am: my eyes open to see a pair of child no 1's pants (yesterdays) come flying at me. yuk.
7.12am: I'm awake (I think)

I have heard of the "slump" migraine: a migraine in response to a prolonged spell of stress, tiredness and multiple triggers. Usually they suggest that slump migraines occur at weekends but I guess with parenting being a 24/7 job, it can occur at seemingly erratic times depending on what is going on in your life and who happens to be waking you at the time!

My sleepless nights have coincided with multiple birthdays, Father's Day, family celebrations, an osteopath appt, hormonal changes and trips to fun fairs (again!). I've found myself feeling stretched. I've worked hard at not getting a migraine. Here's a summary of the week:

12 deep breaths taken when I realised I had forgot to pay up for child no 2's party (all is fine now but I'm currently looking for an admin assistant and an office....and a salary.....and a weeks holiday)
11 presents to wrap
10 crates of shopping ordered via supermarket.....I may have got carried away on the 3 for 2 offers...................
9 texts sent to parents who hadn't replied to party invites (where's my admin assistant? I should get a bonus for all this work!)
8 hours at wet wet wet fun fair with children. Fun.
7 hours spent on the internet trying to order presents...why do I leave it so late?!
6 roll downs (pilates) to counteract sitting at computer for 7 hours!
5 trips to the shops (I'm fed up of shopping!!)
4 sleep deprived nights (how do they know it's a bad time to wake your mum up? Do they have a meeting just before bed and decide whose turn it is to call for mum?!)
3 birthdays in family (my dad (15th June), no 1 child (18th June) and no 2 child (19th June).....bad planning I know)
2 lots of aspirin
1 big sigh of relief as planning, and party go well.
0 migraines......well, until yesterday, when the Beast decided that enough was enough and he wanted some attention.

I guess while the adrenaline is around during a stressful time in your life, you may be more protected from getting a migraine? Then, when the reason for the adrenaline has gone, the "slump" occurs. I understand why I have this migraine. I'm not fighting it. I'm just going to rest as much as I can, when I can and hope the Beast calms down soon. I'm off now to nurse the Beast. Can anyone think of a song for this week?!

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