Sunday, 1 April 2012

Migraine Tool Kit Part 1.......a new approach to managing your migraines!

Migraine usually develops because of multiple triggers. Apparently, everyone has the potential for migraine. For some it takes 15 triggers, for others, like myself, it takes 2 or 3. This is known as your threshold for migraine. The tip for managing your migraines is, I've been told, common sense.......

My migraine head tells me that it's a little more complicated than that.........

Migraine mum prefers to think of herself as a specialist migraine detective.......who is always prepared for migraine and on the look out for possible triggers. This is accomplished by using the Migraine Tool Kit (patent pending):

Migraine Tool Kit Part 1:

Want to catch your migraine as early as possible? Then you need the specialist anti-migraine bag carried by all mums who suffer migraine. This contains:
  • domperidome (to help you absorb drugs), 4 doses of aspirin (soluble), 2 triptans and a cup (to dissolve aspirin in if out and about)
  • a bottle of water to keep hydrated
  • a pair of Mediview Migraine sunglasses (to be available all year round as it is not only the sunlight, but also articifial light in shops, low energy light bulbs, computer screens, flickering lights etc that can be a problem). 
  • a low GI snack (nuts, fruit etc) to keep blood sugar levels even. Eat every 3 hours.
Bearing in mind we are mums too...this bag will also contain a range of other miscellaneous is the contents of my bag.......

nappies, a babybel (melted), packets of raisins (out of date), tissues, used tissues, a tennis ball,
a sock, wipes, nappy sacks (one with sick in), a toy car with 3 wheels, lollipops, a book, an apple core, a pair of pants (not mine!) and a lock of hair from child no. 3.

Migraine tool kit part 2 to follow.............just off to clean my bag...........

Warning: cleaning out your bag may be a trigger for migraine. Be prepared!

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