Sunday, 3 June 2012

Words from the King for chronic migraine sufferers!

I am having a HM day. No, not a 'Her Majesty's Day' (though I realise it is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee; I have waved my flag at her on the telly!) No, I'm having a Hard Migraine day. It's all caught up with me today and I'm feeling pretty low, sore and removed from the world. Not an easy day to feel removed from the world, as we, the Commonwealth and my family celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. No party animal in me, I'm sorry to say for my family, I've just wanted to curl up and hide!

Anyway, I got a blog alert from another migraine blogger who said that the USA are just starting Migraine Awareness Month and wanted people to blog about various subjects on designated days. I'm feeling a bit subversive so I have jumped a few days already and picked one I fancied doing.....picking one of your favourite songs that link how you feel about your migraine. And I thought what better artist to pick on the Queen's special day, but the King of Rock 'n Roll, my favourite, Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley suffered from migraine. Yes! it makes me feel closer to him too! He was also a spiritual person. I like that too. 'If I can dream' happens to be one of my favourite songs about life. It's doesn't hide from the pain of living but signals a strength and hope at the same time. He sings it with such passion and I feel that passion about how I want to live my life. My children are witnesses to my love for this song as they see me singing along to the King in the kitchen using a wooden spoon! Here are my rambling thoughts......

1. "you're lost in a cloud, there's too much rain..." well I have wondered if the weather has made a difference's rained and been gloomy all day! I blogged about weather last week. There are studies that have indicated a link between certain types of weather and migraine.

2. "you're trapped in a world troubled in pain"......when I have a migraine I feel like I don't belong to the world, it's a place that brings pain because of the bright lights, smells, noises, movement. I don't want to belong to it when I have a migraine.

3. When Elvis sings about there being lights burning brighter somewhere.....well, I'm sure he isn't singing about horrible flurescent lights that you get in big superstores or the energy light bulbs that produce light that seems to sit on top of your eyes!!....he means a soft, bathing light that creates an ambience of relaxation and calm that makes you feel good.

4. Elvis sings about the hope that 'the answer is going to come somehow'. Well, of course I think about there being better medication and understanding of migraine, but for me it also means and that even though you may feel very low when suffering from migraine, you have to believe that you will find a way through it. He sings that we will still have the strength to dream and the strength to go on. And you do. Everhopeful and ever strong. (I'm turing into a poet!)

Please raise a glass of pretend champagne to the Queen (that's the closest I'll get to alcohol!) and let's raise a glass to tomorrow too. For fun and laughter and no migraine.
If you fancy sharing your favourite song and saying why, blog away and leave me a comment. MM x

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