Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Migraine Mum's drug problem

Migraine mum: Doctor, I'm really concerned about the copious amounts of drugs I am taking to get rid of my migraines

Doctor: well, according to research (heard on the Chris Evans Breakfast news, Radio 2, Wednesday 20th match 2012), taking aspirin every day can help prevent heart disease and cancer (but may cause internal bleeding and digestive problems)

Migraine Mum: I'm confused. According to my migraine consultant at the National Migraine Centre (a fabulous place for help, see their website, if you take more than 15 days worth of any analgesic, you are at risk of causing more migraines.

Doctor: oh

Migraine Mum: and taking more than 10 days worth of triptans in one month can also lead to drug overuse and more migraines.......

Doctor: oh

Migraine Mum: so what do I do when I feel that ominous pain in my head and I take a look at my diary and see that by taking another dose, I am moving into the "brain, liver, stomach danger zone"...and joy of joys, probably causing another migraine for me to take yet more drugs for?

Doctor: just try to relax.......

Migraine Mum: arrrgghh! how can I relax when my day is filled with the chorus of my children, individually and corporately calling for my attention "mum", "mum", "Mum", "mum", "mummy", "mum!!!!". My only sanctuary on most days is the toilet........and even there (we have no locks), I have been burst in on, for them to see me crouching in there swiftly and surreptitiously swallowing a domperidome and glass of aspirin (900mg) or guiltily (is that a word?) swallowing another domperidome down and snorting a triptan up my nose........I have to take my drugs to help me live!

Doctor: sounds like you need a support group.......

Migraine Mum: what a fab-u-lous idea. Is there anyone out there? Anyone who has any other ways they get rid of migraines? hypnotherapy? meditation (on the toilet?!). Migraine mum needs help.

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