Monday, 2 July 2012

Migraine and Stress (again!)

Migraine Mum is stressed. I know stress is an everyday part of life for all people and I know it's something that I have to learn to handle better......

Having children and all that goes with family life can feel like a tidal wave of overwhelmings, especially when you're tired and/or in post migraine phase. I know stress can cause me a migraine over time. It's all about overload! Here are some examples from my life.......

Stressful situations:
1. Monday morning: ah, quick, child no 3 is playing happily on her own.... I can get the washing out of the washing machine that's been in there since yesterday..yippee!! (small things I know)....I'll get the washing basket.

Oh, the washing basket is full of child no 2's new clothes that I meant to put away in her cupboard. I'll quickly do that before child no 3 finds me (sneaky)

Hang on, I can't even get to the cupboard, there's too many toys in the way.....I'd better put them away then.........I manage to put the toys away and the clothes rapidly. I'm so pleased with myself (again, small things I know) Great, I can now do the original job of getting the clothes out of the washing machine......

Child No 3 appears. She takes one look at the empty washing basket and walks off with it. I look at her in dismay and she says "I've been looking for this mummy! It's my boat!"

2. Monday afternoon: Migraine mum needs a break so all children have been forced to "lull" as we put it in our family which is a time of rest doing computer, TV or whatever....."I DON'T MIND AS LONG AS YOU DON'T BOTHER MUM!" An unrealistic expectation I know.....

First game console malfunctions.....I do the battery change. Child no 3 appears crying as something she has seen on children's tv has upset her. I talk it through with her and then put something different on for her. Child no 1 calls me with excitement as he has discovered another app in which a fish farts (yes really).

I finally sit down to try to fix my phone which is not receiving emails.......oh quick, turn down the potatoes....arggh! I forgot about the sausages!! I sit down again and begin to type in a code that is about 15 digits that an O or an 0?! MUM!!!! game console still malfunctioning, another battery change, please work!

I sit down again and retype the long digit code, nearly there.....knock knock knockity knock.....someone at the door.....I am muttering to myself (can't write it down sorry)........hello! we'd just like to raise your awareness of....I can't listen today sorry. Can't listen to what? Everything!! Well, it won't take long......Sorry! NO! and I shut the door. Phew. Officially frazzled. Needless to say, I did not fix my phone.

So, what to do with all this stress? Breathing is generally recommended.

Effective breathing is even better. Lateral Breathing involves using your diapraghm, not just the top half of your body. Allowing your stomach and rib cage to expand outwards as you breathe in and breathe inwards as you breathe out. I do a few of these at the moment I feel stressed. But I think I need to try a bit more actively to relax. So this week, my goal is to download a relaxation track for my MP3 player and practice relaxing every day. Yes yes! I can hear're wondering when I'm going to download it and when I'm going to relax??. I don't know yet!

PS I'm going to start with this website
It is designed for anyone in regular pain and in need of relaxation, providing effective ways of controlling stress and pain. That was quick work!! MM x

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